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ESG Management Support

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KEITI will take the leading role as a key player against the carbon trade tariff, in order to support the company’s ESG strategy and management, by reforming the Environmental Information Disclosure Program, fostering the green finance aligned with K-Taxonomy, and enforcing the Environmental Production Declaration.

Environmental Information Disclosure Program

  • Mandatory program that oblige certain companies to disclose their environmental performance information such as corporate environmental strategy and its outbound environmental impacts for stakeholders(e.g. citizen, shareholders etc.).

Environmental Impact Assessment System

  • Coporate’s environmental performance rating scheme that assesses its environmental impacts of pollutant emission, resource and energy consumption in the process of business operation

upport Program for ESG Consulting

  • Consulting services program that helps domestic small and medium-sized companies(SMEs) to meet the global ESG compliance requirements such as global ESG disclosure regulations, EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive(EU CSDDD)


  • Guideline for green economic activities that contribute to the environmental objectives and/or carbon neutrality

Grant Scheme for alleviating the interest rate payment issuing Korean Green Bonds

  • Grant scheme that alleviates the interest rate payment when the company issues the Korean Green Bonds to finance the proceeds of the green economic activities aligned with Korean Green Taxonomy(K-Taxonomy)

Grant Scheme for alleviating the interest rate payment issuing Green Asset-Backed Securities

  • Grant scheme that alleviates the interest rate payment when the small and medium-sized companies(SMEs) issue the Green Asset-Backed Securities(G-ABS) of the underlying pool of corporate bonds aligned with Korean Green Taxonomy(K-Taxonomy)

Environmental Product Declaration System

  • Certification system for indicating quantitative information on the environmental impact of products and services on the life cycle, including raw material acquisition, production, transportation/distribution, use and final disposal.

Establishment of the national Life Cycle Inventory Dataset

  • Provides ‘National Life Cycle Inventory datasets’ quantified for inputs and outputs of the product system. Inventories consist of a list of energy, raw materials etc, and outputs such as products, waste, emissions to air/water/soil and other environmental aspects. Use them as basic data(upstream and downstream) for carrying out the life cycle assessment

ESG Professional Training Program

  • Provides participants with systematic career development resources to shape the company’s ESG business against its backdrop of increase in ESG-related works

Public-Private Joint Council to deal with the International Environmental Regulations

  • Public-Private Joint Council to foster the customized support for the national key export industries, with the regulatory wave of greenhouse gas reduction and accelerating the ESG management over its entire supply chain

ESG ON Seminar

  • To better understand the core ESG issues(e.g. the impact of ESG regulations, green finance, and carbon emission mechanism against export products), KEITI hosts the ESG ON seminar to provide, share the latest issues and to help build professional performance of the company