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한국환경산업기술원장 유제철 사진

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“We are deeply committed to making a clean and safe environment for all.”

Fine dust clouding our cities, wastes and industrial wastewater that are disposed without being properly treated, hazardous chemicals in humidifier sterilizers and damaged ecosystem are key environmental issues that degrade our quality of life.

KEITI fosters the environmental industry and supports the development of environmental technologies that clean our air and water, recycle and treat wastes and heal our natural environment. We seek to unburden those suffering from polluted environment and harmful substances and help the people lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Science, technology and industries cannot solve every environmental issue that we face today. But they can lead us to a solution. An environmentally-friendly lifestyle will definitely add to that effort. The reason the country and public organizations exist is to care for environmentally-marginalized and vulnerable people and to ensure that the social value of coexisting with the local communities is realized.

Everyone here at KEITI is committed to doing our best with respect for everyone to ensure that our customers are satisfied. As a result of our commitment, environmental welfare services provided to the public and to every Korean citizen will be improved and environmental sustainability will be enhanced.

We ask for your continual support and encouragement.
Thank you.