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Environmental R&D

Project of developing environmental technologies responding to new climate regime

  • Building the green business ecosystem by supporting the rising small/medium-sized companies that will lead green business

Project of developing technologies to improve circular utilization of products that inhibit recycling

  • Building the green business ecosystem by supporting the rising small/medium-sized companies that will lead green business
    • Technology development for improvement of material and structure for 5 plastic products that are resource circulation availability assessment targets.
    • Technology development to improve circulation availability for electronics that is difficult to recycle such as VIP refrigerator and household appliances.
    • Renewable energy waste recycle technology: because increase of sunlight generation supply is expected, the recycle technology and proper recycle technology for circulation availability is under development.

(Innovation Challenge Type) Project of technology of turning plasma-used waste organic materials into high value-added basic materials

  • Without limit of type and properties, the waste organism changes to raw material (C2* monomer) through single process so it dramatically lowers CO2 and develops technology from waste to a high value product.
    *it means ethylene (C2H4) or acetylene (C2H2) and these are used as raw material for organic compound
    • Pretreatment/salt manufacture technology development
    • Developing the transition process and systemizing technology
    • Developing C2 production advancement and value improvement technology

Project of developing the technology plastic-used materials of proving the conversion of waste resources-used energy

  • Developing technology for the waster plastic to a high value raw material and fuel by development of physical•chemical recycle technology

Project of developing the technology of promoting the recycling of waste resources generated in the future

  • Technology development to recycle a waste secondary battery, renewable energy (a waste panel for sunlight generation),household electric appliance (LED, Display)

Project of developing the technology of turning waste into fuel

  • Development for the combined Bio gasification and CO2 capture and purification demonstration technology using unused organic waste resource such as remnants of animals, plants and food waste.

Technological innovation development for promising green companies

  • Financial support for prototype manufacture, performance evaluation, verification and marketing for production and facility, consulting for business development of technology, oversea market development, etc.
  • R&D support for technology advancement of the excellent firms in the green industry and demonstration and commercialization to secure cutting-edge technology.

Project to develop a technology to treat potentially-infectious medical waste

  • Development of sterilization and pulverization technology and optimal operation technology for medical waste to stably resolve the problem of dramatically increased medical waste due to infectious disease AND development the untact collection treatment for isolation medical waste to reduce risk of infection.

Project of developing the technology of proving Non-CO2 greenhouse gas reduction technologies

  • Development of pig dropping storage and treatment system and technology for reducing landfill green-house gases to reduce green-house gases emission in livestock industry.
  • Development of the optimal disassembling technology for electronics industry released N2O.
  • Development of refrigerator device using eco-friendly refrigerant.

Project of developing the technology connected to the commercialization of air environment management technologies

  • Technology development of blue hydrogen station for stimulation of eco-friendly car supply and reduction of CO2 emission, technology development for engine and post treatment to reduce exhaust gases in transport area.
  • Development for technology that secures site applicability and reconsider accuracy by implementing the existing environment measurement system into various emission sources (facilities) management.
  • By digitalizing environmental pollution measurement and monitoring system, it develops technology that can integrally manage businesses that emit air pollution and reduce any missing parts of management because of its small size of business.

Developing the smart technology of optimally reducing and managing fine dust in the workplace

  • Developing the optimal air pollution prevention technology that complies effluent quality standard and reduces energy by applying the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as ICT and AI to air pollution prevention process.

Measurement and Risk Assessment of Microplastics

  • Develop the technology that evaluate micro-plastic pollution and impact on human health in order to release people’s anxiety on micro-plastic and plan for solution.

Fine Dust Blind Spots Reduction Program

  • Complete management on fine dust through fine dust reduction technology and fine dust measuring/analyzing technology.

Industrial Facilities & Infrastructure(Desalination) Research Program

  • Develop core process that is required in plant industry such as desalination and secure competitiveness for oversea plant industry
    • Desalination technology
    • Support plant construction and infra technology
    • Plant O&M service technology

Advanced Water Management Research Program

  • Develop technology to overcome national water management crisis and to reduce water disaster.
    • Secure stable water resource
    • Manage intelligent waste resource
    • Manage sustainable river
    • Prevent water disaster due to climate change

Smart Water-Supply Service Research Program

  • Develop waster supply service that customized by area and consumer by analysis and prediction of water information data.
    • Intelligent Water Supply Management Service

Smart Water City Research Program

  • Waster supply-waster circulation convergent system development based on development of city waster infra operation CPS through city water resource (supply and demand) information.
    • Intellectualization of Smart City water resource management

Project for developing innovative drinking water and wastewater technologies

  • Nurturing water and sewage management innovation and the related industry by secure global level technology competitiveness though water and sewage technology development in most demanded area.
    • Water and sewage low energy-high efficiency equipment and treatment technology
    • Water and sewage low energy-high efficiency equipment and treatment technology
    • Water and sewage low energy-high efficiency equipment and treatment technology

Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation Research Program

  • Reserve healthy hydro ecosystem through management risk factors of hydro ecosystem that is diversified due to climate, life and industry changes and related technology development
    • Intelligent technology for measure and monitor the risk factors for hydro ecosystem
    • Technology to reduce a toxic substance that treats hydro ecosystem
    • Technology to evaluate and predict health of hydro ecosystem

Hydrothermal Energy Research Program

  • Operating stable waste water treatment and improving urban heat island effect by using hydrothermal energy system and developing technology to promote and expand hydrothermal energy industry such as hydrothermal system economy evaluation model
    • The combined technology for improving membrane water treatment process by applying hydrothermal energy
    • The hydrothermal energy technology using low temperature water in deep layer that energy multi consumption facility (IDC) applied
    • The integrated design platform development technology for stream water hydrothermal energy

Development of Ultra Pure Water Production Process Technology for Localization

  • By localizing design and operation of production facility for the high purity industrial water that has high lever of dependence on foreign technology, competitiveness of cutting-edge technology industry (semi conductor and parts of electronics) is secured and domestic waste water market is revitalized. The domestic water system is improved by applying eco-friendly water production proces
    • Localization of the core process operation technology and achieving independence in process design•construction technology
    • Operating technology to secure the hyper reliance

GCS(Geostationary Complex Satellite) Project

  • Supervising data collecting payload of the pubic complex communications satellite, advancing hydrological observation communications network during flood disaster and developing application system.

Subsurface Environment Management(SEM) Projects

  • Building the application base for healthy and pleasant underground environment by advancing the media integrated contamination management based on risk assessment
    • The diagnostic prevention technology for underground pollution
    • The response management technology for underground pollution

Surface Soil conservation and management(SS) projects

  • Building the national integrated management structure to preserve topsoil and developing technology for the pre-emptive response
    • The integrated management and the investigation and prediction technology for topsoil
    • The preserving and optimal management technology for topsoil

Environmental R&D Project on the Disaster Prevention of Environmental Facilities

  • Developing the disaster management technology to minimize the secondary damage by quickly respond to destruction of environmental facility, failure to proper functioning due to the natural disaster (earthquake, typhoon, ect)
    • The technology to prevent and prepare the disaster damage for the environmental facility
    • The technology of the emergency response to the disaster damage for the environmental facility disaster damage
    • The recovery technology for the disaster damage of the environmental facility

Water Management Program for Drought

  • Reinforcing water circulation monitoring/evaluation/prediction structure and improving balanced water management technology to response to the large scale drought
    • Building the water circulation DNA (Data Network Al) and drought response ability evaluation technology
    • The water distribution technology for optimizing by drought scale

R&D Program for Innovative Flood Protection Technologies against Climate Crisis

  • Reinforcing the response ability for the extreme flood due to the climate change and strengthening monitoring/evaluation/prediction structure to retain security from flood damage and improving the balanced water management technology
    • The extreme flood response ability strengthening technology by recovery of naturality of the river basin
    • The urban flood response capability strengthening technology by securing DNA based resilience

Research and Development Project for Energy and Resource Recovery Type High-concentration wastewater&sewage treatment process

  • Strengthening the bio energy innovation capability for vitalizing the industry and realization of carbon neutrality in water environment basic facilities by pursuing the high-density sewage/waste water treatment process technology demonstration R&D
    • The energy recovery typed, high density sewage • waste water (livestock excretions, etc) treatment technology for carbon neutrality
    • The resource recovery typed, high density sewage • waste water (livestock excretions, etc) treatment technology for carbon neutrality

Digital Infrastructure Building Project for Monitoring, Surveying and Evaluating the Environmental Health

  • Reinforcing the health effect prevention management due to various environmental harmful factors by using big data in the environmental health field and protecting the vulnerable region•socially disadvantaged class in environment health and strengthening digital based environmental health survey policy
    • The monitoring technology for the health effect in environment health vulnerable region
    • The customized health effect prevention management service technology for the socially disadvantaged class

Core Technology Development Project for Environmental Diseases Prevention and Management

  • As the environmental diseases constantly increase because of various environmental harmful factors, the environmental disease is minimized through strengthening the advanced prevention management by investigating the correlation between factor-disease, securing prediction • evaluation technology.
    • Development of the environmental disease correlation investigation technology
    • Development of the environmental disease prediction, evaluation technology

Technology Development Project for Biological Hazards Management in Indoor Air

  • Proactively protecting the public health by identifying biological harmful factors in living environment and minimizing exposure to those factors
    • Analyzing and measuring biological harmful factors in indoor air
    • Evaluating and monitoring the effect on biological harmful factors in indoor air on human health

Advanced Technology Development Project for Predicting and Preventing Chemical Accidents

  • Developing the advanced technology for minimizing harmful chemical substance accident and scientifical/technological consequence management
    • Advancement of chemical accident prediction and prevention

Technology Development Project for Safety Management of Household Chemical Products

  • In order to manage the risk that may cause the harm to pubic by using chemical products, it secures the technology that reduces harmfulness and assess the exposure to that risk.
    • Technology development for risk assessment of chemical product inclusion
    • Technology development for the exposure assessment of chemical product based on usage environment
    • Technology development to reduce harmful substance of chemical product

The Decision Support System Development Project for Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Advancing environmental effects evolution service through the objective and standardized environmental effects prediction and assessment based on ICT and support decision making
    • Technology development to support the ICT based environmental effects decision making

Ecological Imitation-based Environmental Pollution Management Technology Development Project

  • Resolving the climate, environmental pending issues by using the basic research results on various ecological characteristics such as structure, share, function, system, etc. Resolving climate, environmental pending issues by using the basic research results that is practical and substantive
    • Environment technology of organism function imitation
    • Bridge Program

Project to make multi-ministerial national biological research resources more advanced

  • Developing business to build and nurture the national bio study resources (material) infra to facilitate bio research and industry innovation by systemically securing the real material resources that are required bio research through cooperating related government organizations and providing them to industry, universities and Institutions
    • Developing business utilizing freshwater wild organism biomaterials

Exotic Invasive Species Management Program

  • Protecting the indigenous bioresources and securing organism safety and ecosystem stability by developing technology to manage the invasion organisms that threats organism diversity
    • Technology development for monitoring and risk management of the invasion organisms that threats organism diversity
    • Technology development to remove the invasion organisms that threats organism diversity

Project to develop eco-friendly new materials and processing technology derived from wildlife

  • Securing the generic technology for eco-friendly white bio though the domestic wild organism used materials and process development
    • The wild microorganisms originated white biomaterial and process
    • The wild plant originated white biomaterial and process
    • The wild animal originated white biomaterial and process

Wetland Ecosystem Value Evaluation and Carbon Absorption Value Promotion Technology Development Project

  • Technology development for sustainable preservation of the damaged wetland ecosystem by the climate change and support carbon neutrality
    • Developing technology for the wetland ecosystem valuation
    • Developing technology to enhance the value considering carbon absorption of the wetland ecosystem

Urban Ecological Health Promotion Technology Development Project

  • Building the sustainable urban ecosystem that nature and human can coexists and recovering the its function through developing technology for improvement of urban ecosystem function to make healthy living environment
    • The urban ecosystem structure and function management technology
    • The customized urban ecosystem function improvement technology
    • The integrated management technology for the urban ecosystem

New Environmental Technology R&D Awareness Program

  • Technology marketing events: KEITI runs exhibitions to display the achievement of environmental R&D, public sympathy forums, joint achievement presentations, environmental technology partnering events as well as road shows for environmental R&D sites
  • Selection of outstanding achievements resulting from environmental R&D
Dissemination of new environmental R&D achievements
Total Value of Environmental R&D Technologies Commercialized (Domestic)
Dissemination of new environmental R&D achievements
Total Value of Environmental R&D Technologies Commercialized (Overseas)
Dissemination of new environmental R&D achievements
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Dissemination of new environmental R&D achievements

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KEITI contributes to the growth of the environmental industry by evaluating performance of environmental technologies and issuing New Environmental Technology Certification and Green Certification.

New Environmental Technology Certification and Verification

New Environmental Technology Certification and New Technology Verification
  • Evaluate environmental technologies and certify outstanding ones as new technologies
  • Users can trust and use these new technologies, and developers can quickly supply newly-developed technologies to the market.


Green Certification

Green Certification
  • Seek to increase private investment in green sectors
  • Certify green technologies, check green technology products, certify green businesses, check whether a company is specializing in green products/services

Environmental Technology Performance Verification

  • Offer objective and reliable information about an environmental technology by having a 3rd party inspecting its performance
  • Support overseas expansion by offering technology performance data required by the country importing the environmental technology