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Sustainable Consumption and Production

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KEITI is responsible for systems, events and projects to spread the culture of green consumption.

Green Card

Green Credit Card

Green Credit Card

Korea’s first recipient of the “UN ‘Momentum for Change’
Climate Solutions Awards” (November 14, 2017)

18.48 million cards issued(2018)
• Promoting the use of eco-friendly products and raising awareness of the general public and the industrial circle

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No. Green Credit Cards Issued
No. Green Credit Cards Issued
  • Using credit card point systems, offer economic benefits (Eco-points) so that the public can readily choose low-carbon, environmentally-friendly consumption.

Green Public Procurement

  • Support and manage mandatory purchase of green products by 920 public organizations, including central governmental organizations, local governments and quasi-governmental organizations, so as to build a market base to give boost to green products

International Cooperation for Sustainable Consumption and Production

  • Fulfill sustainable development goals through cooperation with UN SCP programs; spread sustainable consumption and production in the Asia-Pacific Region; and support overseas expansion of outstanding products and companies that engage in sustainable consumption and production as well as SCP policies

Environmental Consumption

  • Spread the culture of green consumption among the public through various promotional activities, such as education, SNS channel activities and afforestation projects

Green Stores

The amount purchased through Green Public Procurement
The amount purchased through  Green Public Procurement
No. of Green Stores
No. of Green Stores
  • Increase opportunities for consumers to purchase green products and support distribution of green products by establishing a distribution base, such as stores that sell green products
Green Product Mall

Designation of Green Stores

Strengthening a distribution network for eco-friendly products

• Increasing people’s access to eco-friendly products
528 storesdesignated as Green Store across the nation

Green Store
  • Operate “green product only e-market service,” a service that sells green products and offers the products’ sales track record, to make it easier for public organizations to purchase these products

Eco-friendly Interior Renovation

  • Support small and medium-sized interior designers and establish a direct transaction system for environmentally-friendly construction materials, such as those with eco-label certified products


Hold Eco-EXPO Korea


Raising public awareness of environmentally friendly products through exhibition and events

• Promoting business opportunities for environmental firms and culture of sustainability
• 192 companies participated and 432 booths were installed attracting 35,271 visitors(2018)

Hold Eco-EXPO Korea
  • Establish a business forum to invigorate the green industries and markets, such as eco-products, services, technologies, energy, transportation and construction industries

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KEITI offers various consulting services and systems to support environmental companies in engaging in eco-friendly management.

Eco-friendly Product-Service Convergence Business Models

  • Foster creative businesses and create jobs by building a business model for the product-service convergence policy that can contribute to the public environmental fields

Environmental Business Management

  • Based on the result of investigation into their environmental management (reality and current situation of how they are engaged in environmental management), provide customized consulting services to and launch eco-friendly campaigns for businesses and non-manufacturing sectors (hospitality, healthcare, etc.)

Environmental Business Designation Program

  • Operate a program that will lead businesses to voluntarily improve the environment by designating businesses with outstanding green management as “green businesses”

Environmental Information Disclosure (ENV-INFO Verification)

Operate an environmental information disclosure program

Discolsure of Environmental Information

Promoting environmentally-friendly business management through a well-established environmental information disclosure program

• Consulting services to resolve difficulties faced when registering environmental information(No. of consulted companies increased from 80 to 97)
• Full document inspection and on-site verification to improve the reliability of disclosed environmental information (from 145 cases to 176 cases)

Eco-Label Products
Eco-Label Products
  • Guide green companies, public organizations and companies with large environmental impact to engage in green management and ensure public organizations achieve their social responsibility by making it mandatory for them to disclose their environmental information
  • Contribute to green loan and investment activities by the environmentally-friendly businesses by offering verified and disclosed environmental information to financial institutions

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KEITI seeks to increase resource circulation and reduce wastes generated by promoting production, use and purchase of recycled resources.

Circular Utilization Evaluation

  • Support government policies that encourage circular utilization of resources from the production stage of a product

Quality Label Certifications for Recycled Resources

  • Issue certificates so that information about recycled resources of excellent quality can be indicated and the purchase of these products can be promoted in order to reduce wastes generated and increase circulation of wastes