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Mission & Vision


To contribute to
sustainable development
through technology
development, industry
nurturing and eco-friendly
lifestyle promotion


client, challenge, cooperation

Management objectives
  • Discover 100
    potential green-tech unicorn companies
  • Secure top 100
    technologies to solve top 5 environmental issues
  • Secure
    eco-friendly, safe products
  • Achieve
    in customer satisfaction
  • Start
    green-tech startups
  • Achieve 80 on green consumption and production policy awareness index
  • Create
    jobs in the environmental field
  • Grow
    social media followers to
Strategic directions & agendas
  • I
    Create green growth drivers based on the green new deal
    • 1 Strengthen environmental R&D for the green new deal
    • 2 Develop a platform for global environmental collaboration
    • 3 Build an innovative infrastructure for green conversion
  • E
    Lead a sustainable and eco-friendly society
    • 4 Develop green technologies to handle to environmental disasters
    • 5 Strengthen environmental industry's eco-system
    • 6 Foster green lifestyle and culture
  • S
    Ensure that green welfare for the safety of the people is realized
    • 7 Strengthen support for socially-vulnerable groups
    • 8 Develop a safety net for quality national living environment
    • 9 Create sustainable environmental jobs
  • G
    Create sustainable environmental jobs
    • 10 Stimulate public participatory communities
    • 11 Ensure public nature based on trust is realized
    • 12 Make a digitally-smart work environment