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CI Introduction

Symbol mark

keiti 심볼마크

keiti 심볼마크



The symbol mark of KEITI is designed to express the confidence and the role of KEITI by designing it as ‘KEITI’ in solid letters.

The shape of the green leaf coming from the Industry & Technology (I&T) and softly covering the Environment (E) symbolically expresses the future-oriented features that value the environment on the basis of the eco-friendly industry and technology.

The deep blue color of the symbol mark stands for the confidence as the eco-friendliness-leading organization and the green color stands for the environmental industry promoted and developed by the activities of KEITI. The symbol mark should be enlarged or reduced in a direct proportion to the script of CD-ROM to prevent any error or modification.

You may also use the grid presented above when you want a larger version of the symbol mark or when computer printing is unavailable.

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