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Fostering environmental companies

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KEITI provides technology and policy information, financial support and HR support in order to foster companies in the environmental industry.

Information Event for Environmental Industry Development

  • Provide detailed information on upcoming policies & government support projects for small and medium-sized environmental businesses
  • Offer customized services to environmental businesses through Q&A on government support projects hosted by KEITI.


  • Select companies with strong growth potential in the global environmental market and select them as excellent environmental companies, and foster them as representative environmental companies of Korea.

Environmental Technology Verification Program

  • evaluates and validates the performance of environmental technologies developed by environmental companies, supporting the market entry of New Excellent Technologies(NET)

Innovative Product Certification Program

  • certificates environmental products that can contribute to carbon neutrality and public services as Innovative Products, and supports the market entry of certified Innovative Products.

Green Technology Certification Program

  • evaluates Green Technologies and Products, Specialized Enterprises that can contribute to government’s “Low Carbon Green Growth” Policy, and supports the market entry of certified Green Technologies and Products.
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KEITI supports SMEs in commercialization and offers financial support for the growth of companies in the environmental industry.

Environmental Policy Loan

  • Supporting long-term and low-interest loans necessary for fostering environmental enterprises, preventing environmental pollutants, installing greenhouse gas emission reduction facilities.
  • Offer environmental industry growth fund, Clean air conversion facility fund

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KEITI offers qualification tests, technical training and job matching to nurture environmental specialists.

Master's Degree Program for Environmental Capacity Building

  • Secure the manpower needed to foster the green industry and to solve environmental issues and nurture professional manpower to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic environmental industry: Designate and support operation of graduate schools specializing in Knowledge-based environmental services, fine dust issue management and Green Convergence Technology

Professional Environmental Technical Training Program for Job Opportunities

  • Run a training program wherein individuals who are likely to work in the environmental industry, such as unemployed individuals with environment-related degrees, can get a job upon completion of a course, so that professional education can be provided to meet new environmental demands

Training Program for Environmental Assessment of Recycling

  • Nurture individuals who are likely to work in the environmental assessment of recycling field into skilled experts ready to meet the demands of the field

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Discover experts who can undertake tasks, such as drafting environmental impact report through environmental status survey, prediction and analysis of environmental impact, selection of an environmental restoration method and assessment of an alternative plan

Online Learning for Environmental Professionals

  • Offer free practical environmental education programs wherein participants can learn about various environmental technologies and gain practical knowledge