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Organization chart

    • Office of Public Affairs&Communications
    • Office of Audit & Inspection
      • Division of Management&Planning Management

        • Office of Planning & Coordination

        • Office of Management Support

        • Office of Social Value & Strategy

        • Office of Green Digital Services and Information

        • Office of Facilities & Safety Management

    • Environmental Technology & Industry Headquarter

      • Division of Environmental R&D

        • Office of Environmental R&D Coordination

        • Office of Environmental R&D Planning

        • Office of Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Technology

        • Office of Water Management Technology

        • Office of Ecology and Environmental Health Technology

      • Division of
        Environmental Industry

        Department of Environmental Industry Research Park(E-TechHive) Management

        • Office of Industry Promotion

        • Office of Green Investment Support

        • ESG TF Team

        • Office of Environmental Finance Support

        • Office of Environmental Technology Verification

        • Office of Overseas Business Development

        • Office of Overseas Business Promotion

        • International Environmental Cooperation Center(IECC)

        • Office of Planning and Operation for E-TechHive

        • Office of Business Operations Support for E-TechHive

        • Office of Facilities & Safety Management for E-TechHive

    • Sustainable Lifestyle & Welfare(Health) Headquarter

      • Division of
        Sustainable Business

        • Office of Green Transition

        • Office of Korea Eco-Label Innovation

        • Office of Korea Eco-Label Certification

        • Office of Environmental Declaration

        • Office of Environmental Testing & Analysis

        • Office of Post Management on Eco Products

      • Division of
        Environment, Safety & Health(ESH)

        • Office of Environmental Damage Prevention

        • Household Chemical Products & Biocides Safety Center

        • Office of Environmental Damage Relief

        • Relief Office for Victims of Humidifier Disinfectants

        • Support Offce for Victims of Humidifier Disinfectants

        • Office of Asbestos Damage Relief

Overseas Environmental Business Cooperation Center
  • China Office
  • Vietnam Office
  • Indonesia Office
  • Algeria Office
  • Colombia Office